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Jingdong collective shelves Lenovo mobile phone Lenovo said it was caused by a system failure
2024-03-17 23:33:03

    May 26, according to a digital media company TheStreet reports, the chip maker Nvidia Silicon Valley has become a superstar in the field of virtual reality dominate. With NVIDIA help science fiction into reality, which itself will benefit. The company's share price soaring likely to become the next Apple.


    the early 1980s, the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs (Steven Jobs) just start a business, Apple is in its infancy. If that time Apple investment, 10 years later, Apple's stock value-added 1064%. Listed in 1980, when Apple created the Ford Motor Company since 1956. Listed largest IPO, it has created 300 millionaires overnight. Since its launch, Apple shares have risen 15,526 percent.


    after three months in the doldrums, Apple stock began to rebound this week. In the past five days, just as Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) visited India, when consumers expect the iPhone 7 release, Apple shares have risen 4%, to restore the status of Wall Street darling again. Those who wish to share by investing in technology companies in Silicon Valley rich people may have missed the best time.


    but do not despair, technological change has never stopped. The world has never stopped the birth of new millionaires, and spawned a new generation of millionaires power of virtual reality may be a major breakthrough. The current biggest players in the field of virtual reality is that NVIDIA in the foreseeable future, the company will provide investors huge returns.


    Nvidia's current market value of $ 24.74 billion, although the company has been part of large-cap stocks, but it has more than Apple and other technology giants for growth, Apple's market capitalization is currently $ 534.82 billion. Current technology trends for Nvidia quite favorable, IT research firm IDC recently released report predicts that global virtual reality hardware revenue this year is expected to reach $ 2.3 billion. This year the total global virtual reality equipment shipments reach 9.6 million in 2020, it is up to 110 million.


    in the field of virtual reality, as well as other players are entering, but crucial NVIDIA produce high-quality game graphics processing unit and the graphics card to run virtual reality equipment. NVIDIA's patented technologies include IrayVR, users can use it to create visual effects, accurate preview of the design. With the engineering and design of virtual reality has become popular, Nvidia will achieve even greater advantage in this area.


    NVIDIA is also working with NASA, Mars jointly develop virtual reality experience to prepare for the colonization of Mars. This is not science fiction, Elon Musk (Elon Musk) of US space technology to explore the company SpaceX and NASA have agreed to help researchers to Mars rocket system, expected as early as 2018 can be a success.


    NVIDIA has in visual computing is a global supplier for game developers, committed to the development of professional designers and creative application processor, such as computer-aided design of video editing and special effects. Nvidia also offers cloud-based streaming service for game consoles.


    NVIDIA past 12 months earnings ratio of 4.62 times, while its main rival Qualcomm earnings ratio of 3.52 times. Nvidia May 12 released the first quarter earnings, revenue of up to $ 1.31 billion, earnings per share of $ 0.46, more than Wall Street analysts expected $ 0.31, the stock rose more than 26%.


    NVIDIA shares still have long-term growth momentum. 26 senior investment analyst forecast common Nvidia stock performance will be far more than market expectations. With virtual reality technology to achieve new breakthroughs in its application from games and entertainment to communication, education and telemedicine and other fields expand, NVIDIA position in the field of virtual reality will be more stable, not only continue to maintain a dominant market position, capital will significant value.